For years I have written and shouted that this country is headed for something that many of us could not see nor think. I have given reasons as to why this country would have to be brought to it knees before it could think about getting to it’s feet.

I think this election that just took place in this country is more than proof as to what I have been speaking of. Did Donald Trump and the Republicans win the election is a question that many will answer and say yes to. Not I, the media and those who control true power won the election.

What do I mean, when have all the political pundits, the political polls and the media all been so vastly wrong? Even up till the day of election, I am listening to CNN and other news outlets and still, they are predicting that Clinton will be the winner.

I am not using this as an excuse but it is a valid point, that if one is thinking that Donald has no chance nor path to victory as they were claiming, is it not reason for many to say hell with it….and not vote?

I have asked a thousand times during the election and after the election, as to how on earth could this be the biggest stage in the world and there are no rules and guidelines to follow? I mean if Donald Trump could not debate issues and all that he could do is attack people and talk about people, why have him participating in a debate?

What is getting ready to happen to this country, will not be the fault of Donald Trump and the Republican Party but it will be the fault of those who control media as well as those who control true power.

Let’s face it, since the election of 2008 when Barack Obama won and went into the White House and became the president of this Nation, a determined effort was birthed, that a stop must be put forth to assure that this will not happen again.

Yes, a Black Men and a Black family assuming the leadership of this nation and what is called the global power of the free world was just to much to bear for many and therefore, the rise to White Power had to come forth and resurface and yet, it had to have a face.

Donald Trump became the face of the new White Power symbol. Yet, he is also been used but he does not care because it is like the old song by “Bill Withers”, “it ain’t so bad the way you use me to get the things you do because I am using you too”.

There was many ways to stop Donald Trump and the tricks that were played along the way as that they were making attempts to stop him and just couldn’t is foolish of the American People to soak that shit up. There is rules in every game and Donald Trump did not play by the rules and was continued the right to play.

It is sad when hurt is so deep to those who are in power, that they could not get over having Black People as leaders this country, that they would lower themselves to this point. Yet, the price of war and death that will loom this country may be worst than when slavery was alive and the civil war between the North and the South took place.

The late President Abraham Lincoln said it best, when he said that this country will be destroyed from within….because a Nation divided is bound to destruct I think, we are closer now than ever before with what happened on November 8.2016.

Oh, please those of you who will read this and think that I am crying and whining. I am not in any way because, this country is in line for what was promised many years ago. It is just sad as to how the people were played.

It has been promised throughout ages that those who are at the bottom will rise from the ashes of dust and will be the rulers for what is yet to come. Those who are determined to crush and rid the poor will find that the power they think they have is no power at all to the powers of “CREATION”.

As I have said and spoken on many fronts, I am not the destroyer of this world. However, I am one of many of the messengers that have come into this world. American is will reap what it has sown and cities around this country will go up into flames leaving nothing but ashes and destruction.

Just think, even while the campaigns were taking place, Donald Trump was allowed to incite violence and there was no consequences and now, they have allowed him to take the weapons of power, to dictate to the world.

Maybe, it is best that I will end here as to how I see it. The better answer is how do you see it?



Well, with the recent election and the victory of Donald Trump, what does it mean. All the protest that is taking place cross the country as well as outside the country…what does it mean?

Is this country heading towards a civil war from within as well as a war from the outside? How would someone like this be able to win an election? What does it say about the views and the feelings of the citizens?

There is no need to write anything that is of length because if one chooses to respond, I think the idea of what I am talking about is in the very few paragraphs.

What are we prepared to do to stop what is happening? Why is there no rules in the political arena on the largest stage to disqualify a candidate if he/she can not debate the issues?

Sadly, I think this country is heading down the path that we will regret for many….many years to come……what do you think.

When The solution Is In Front Of Us.

It is difficult watching the world come to the stage of fright. when one lives in a community that they ae afraid to live in and yet, they are stuck in. How can a world continue to strive if those who you give birth to make you afraid to leave your home?

Often it seems as if we are not with solutions….maybe because we are constantly searching for political leadership either religious leadership even maybe we are waiting for the higher educated people to lead us from no where to somewhere.

What if, what we ae waiting for is not the answer? What if we are just waiting for the “CREATOR” to solve this worldly mess? How long will that wait be? It is obvious that once the “CREATOR” decides to deliver the world from hell, help will not be needed, but the question awaits? Can we wait that long when we have not idea as to when it will be?

What if we as people had the power and the solution to implement the change ourselves, would we be willing to regardless of where the solutions come from? Would you as one of the people reading this article be willing to help provide solution if a plan was giving to you that made sense?

Let’s stat from the premise that the world is in the shape that it is in because people have caused it? If this is true, does it mean that we also have the ability to undo what we have done? I think we do.

I am willing to discuss a plan when only I have at least fifty people who say they are interested in hearing the plan, if not I will not discuss it at this time. I say this because when there are millions of people sharing the same vehicle and trying to get to the same destination….each of us should chip in to help buy fuel.

There is a plan to help heal us and to stop some of the bleeding that is covering the cities that we live….the question has to be this……who want to stop the bleeding? Who want to start the healing? I will wait and see if I am able to get at least fifty people to respond and only then will I lay out the plan as it has been told to me.

I thank each of you who will read this and as I stated, I will share what has been shared with me only after I have at least gotten fifty responses. Again, I thank those of you who will respond and I end with this, what is there to loose?

Morality Where Does It Belong.

There is a lot of things taking place today as it relates to laws and etc. However, what is morality and where does it belong? Please I think and believe that each of us has the right to live how we see fit as long as it is in reason and is not violating anyone else.

However, does our political leaders have the right to make laws that is over the laws of “CREATION? Yes, surely there are some concrete laws that the “CREATOR” has given us, isn’t it?

Better yet, maybe I should ask this question… there a “CREATOR”? Maybe humans should made it up so that it could be another force of control…what you think? Personally, I believe that something is responsible for earth and the universe. I think that something that is responsible has some rules/that we as humans should not bother.

Yes, one may be born with feeling less than a boy either more than a girl and therefore, they make a choice to attempt being opposite of who they were born as. Okay, I could buy that but what I can’t buy is when Religion Leaders and Political Leaders determine that it is right and that special laws should be made for what is obviously wrong by what has created the universe and the earth.

It is almost like becoming murderers because we grew up and became angry for whatever reason….either we just got the thrill from killing…..well, it is wrong as it relates to the laws of the “CREATOR” and certainly our Political Leaders has enforced it with laws that we have made.

Is there a such thing as going to far…..I mean our leaders could be pushing us off the cliff and when I say pushing us off the cliff….let me explain that…..hw much more will the “CREATOR” allow.

See maybe the “CREATOR” is just like us when we are in a bad relationship….just how much ore can one take before they explode either before they walk out. “Wow”, what would happen if the “CREATOR” walked out either exploded. Truly at some point enough will have to be enough, right?

Well, maybe we are just living in the days where anything goes and what the hell. After all let’s just take a look at the Presidential Election that is taking place in this country? How in the world did we get to this point?

I have not the idea how… you?

American Politics

I am one person that truly believe that each citizen sold have the right to run r election if he/she choose to. However, I think with the Presidential Election that is taking place presently that it is giving a new face as to how politics will be played in the future.

It is indeed sad that here in this country we could have elections such as this. I personally see this country heading towards something that many of us will wish like hell….we had stopped this before it started.

Why and how can one run for the highest position in the nation and not have no kind of class to carving his words? How can we have a candidate that insult not only other candidates but the insult spoken about citizens and religion and race.

Why is it that there was no process in place to stop this? After all there is normally a process to everything such as disqualifications and etc….yet, the highest position in the land and there is no process.

Wow, I guess now it is getting down to the gritty part, there will be insults that we have yet to hear. See, worst is this… this how the future will look for elections? Guess all I could say is this…..get ready “AMERICA”.

Searching For Community Blogs.

Once again I thank each of you who have responded. How do I get into a blogging community? Is there something that I need to go to specific and if so, how do  I do it. Again, I am still new to technology so II need all the help that I could get…..I would love reading other blogs mainly political blogs and blogs where people are offering solutions to todays problems.

Can you help me……thanks much.


Thank each of you those I have reached out to and asked for a response, I am indeed thankful for your response. I am sure there is so much to learn about technology. I wish I was about forty years younger I think I would master it.

However, I am excited about trying to create a following to share ideas with and to embrace other ideas from others. I am indeed clear of one thing and that is that all of us do not have the same interest and yet, it is only when we communicate that we have the opportunity to share our interest.

Personally, I have been engaged in being a community activist from several perspectives….yes the political front as well as advocating through writing poetry and essays.

I am still not sure as to how I am going to use this blog, I think for the next week or two I will just see who follow me and ask others as to how do I and how should I follow others. I will be indeed thankful for all the help and support that each of you share with me as I embark on this new challenge of learning and yet reaching out to others.

I guess as I bring this to closure it is proof that one is never to old to learn……I want to learn and I thank each of you for helping me in this learning experience.